16th Century, Anyone?

17 May

Welcome to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

Ahhhhhh, the Renaissance Faire.  Actually, I should call it by its real name, the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, which is much more descriptively accurate.  I feel the majority of people out there have preconceived notions about these wonderful festivals.  Maybe they think this alt-world cosplay gathering is on par with the dungeons and dragons stock in the dork/nerd/dweeb class of life.  But, you’ve got the wrong idea guys, the wrong idea.  It’s fun.  Just fun.


Washer Women.


Danse Macabre March.


Everyday life.

After parking you ascend upon a new world and a different land.  The people talk funny and wear funny clothes.  They are walking around with feathers in their hats and flowers in their hair.  It’s something similar to Coachella, but classier and with better fabric.  You are transported to another realm and another time.  There are even rumors that there are special appearances by Star Trek characters and Dr. Who, just to put another genius spin on the whole space-time continuum of things.  I say let’s dress up as Bill and Ted and really show ‘em…

There are many shows and activities you can partake in whilst  attending the fair.  They have a pub crawl, a joust, a wench show (which is awesome) and tea with the queen, as well as a falcon show, knife throwing, archery and plenty of people singing and performing.  There are goods for sale, so if you’re in the market for leather, tea, garlands or blown glass you’ll be coming to the right place.

Joust arena

Joust arena.




Hey, Owl. During the Falcon Show.


A Lady.

Not sure what she is

Not sure what she is.

If you’re planning on going, why not browse the internet and brush up on your Renaissance language skills.  And you should add this Insult Generator to your research – my favorite one so far: Thou puking elf-skinned flap-dragon!  Yeah!  I kind of feel like it’d be worth getting in a fight with someone if yelling this was the origin…

The Wenches!  So funny!

The Wenches! So funny!


The Queen!


Look at this awesome yahoo.

Garlands for Sale!

Garlands for Sale!

There’s plenty of food and drink.  The whole turkey legs are famous and it’s a trip to see these things towering over those that are eating them.  The beer is plentiful, well-priced and they have some decent brands on tap.  Not just the normal light whatever water that’s normally served.  Don’t get me wrong, they have that too, but at least they are offering options.


You know you want one.


No turkey leg for this one.


The only thing she and I have in common is our love of ice cream.





If you are someone who likes people watching, drinking and boobs – you will hate yourself if you don’t make this happen.  Mark my words.  It’s amazing how both the people who work there and the patrons assume their chosen characters.  They are shockingly and wonderfully committed.  There are lords, ladies, fairies, vikings, pirates, wenches, soldiers, knights, etc.  You are encouraged to interact with them and doing so will only enhance your experience.

There are many different “Ren Faires” as they are commonly called, but the Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California is the oldest having had its first Fair in 1962.  This particular fair depicts a fictional Elizabethan England town, Port Deptford, in the 1580s.  There are now many fairs being held across the country (and some internationally) that draw hundreds of thousands of people each season.  A season is usually anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months and held primarily during the spring or fall.  Click here for a little more history.




Pig from the petting zoo.


I don’t know how to describe this guy, but I like it.




A man and his goose.

IT’S THE LAST WEEKEND IT’S HERE!  Only $25 to buy a ticket when you get there, or $23 to buy ahead of time at designated locations (pick one up at Walgreens); the hours are 10am – 7pm Saturday and Sunday.  Click here for their website which will give you all the possible information you may need and then some –




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