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On Booze: Lambrusco

29 Sep

Welcome to ON BOOZE.  The title taken from a book of the same name – a compilation of drinking stories written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Since intoxicants are something I derive great pleasure from, I thought I’d share any new revelations or happy experiences I encounter whilst imbibing.  Or, maybe we’ll just talk, just have general conversations on the subject.  Who knows what’s in store for us…

“I don’t have a drinking problem ‘Cept when I can’t get a drink.” – Tom Waits

Without further adieu, I introduce…On Booze.

LAMBRUSCO.  I’m a beer girl.  100%, no getting around it.  That being said, when I do delve into wine, I prefer red.  Now, during the summer, when day drinking is at its best and beer gets hot too quickly, from time to time, I find myself having a crisp, white wine.  There’s something cool and fresh about it that accompanies a warm/hot summer day exquisitely.  Well, almost.  Except for the fact that I’m always wishing it was red.   Although I enjoy the white, it’s not my favorite.

Lambrusco. Photo by Marco Carboni. Pulled from wikimedia commons.

You can imagine how excited I was to stumble upon a certain type of Italian sparkling wine called Lambrusco.  I’m always late to the party.  I clearly missed Lambrusco 101 during my college years and went straight to Advanced Natty Ice.

A sparkling red, it’s chilled and bubbly, how fun!  It’s the best of the white wine world, but with added pigment and fun carbonation to boot!  This is not to be confused with the bad tasting and ill reputed wine coolers and spritzers; Lambrusco has an authentic and distinguished taste and handle to it.  Some brands are sweeter than others; I’m learning that I prefer the drier variety.  I’m going to dip into fall with this baby; I officially name this my Drink of Fall.

You can typically find them living in the champagne and sparkling wines sections (alright Obvious Police) of your local liquor or grocery store.  I really like this particular brand that I picked up at Whole Foods.  See below –  it will run you around $15.  I hear Trader Joe’s carries a good one as well…

These people are having such a great time! It must be good!  Everyone needs a monocle & baby while drinking!

Happy Drinking!

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