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A Man Named Senna

3 Aug

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Senna.  Last night I watched the 2010 documentary of the same name.  It’s a beautiful tragedy about the life and racing career of Formula One driver Ayrton Senna, who died competing in the sport he felt so passionately about.

As someone who’s never been dedicated to watching sports, I was happy to succumb to it when two of my awesome and devoted Formula One-loving friends opened my eyes.  Now, I love it.

What you need to know is, “Senna” isn’t a conventional documentary.  It could very easily be a scripted drama with its heart, intense rivalry, sadness and intrigue. I’d known about this movie, but even with my newfound adoration of the sport, I was reluctant to see it because of my blasé attitude toward documentaries.  Then the night came when all the stars, moons & planets aligned; after it had been playing for less than a minute I was already enraptured.  You can tell almost instantaneously this film is so well crafted and cared for that you’re in for something great.  It’s so dramatic and Senna himself so enigmatic that you lose yourself in it, in him, waiting to see how his story unfolds.

This one is worth watching.

Spoiler alert: It’s very possible you’ll cry like a little bitch, mark my words.

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