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Beer: Hitachino Nest 3 Days for Days

11 Aug

These exist in my refrigerator.

This beer has a special story.  The Kiuchi Brewery in Japan (Hitachino Nest Beers) released a very limited amount, only 8,000 bottles, of a beer they’ve titled Hitachino Nest 3 Days.

A batch of beer was in the mashing stage of the beer making process when the infamous 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan in March 2011.  Parts of the brewery were damaged and the whole facility was without electricity for three days.  With something has horrific as that having happened, you didn’t think the beer would be the same, did you?  The beer, left to its own devices, began fermenting on its own.  Once those three days had passed and power was finally reinstated, they decided to bottle it as planned much to the gratification of all of us lucky enough to try it.  You now get the title…

My boyfriend and I were a little late to the game discovering this gem of a beer.  He stumbled upon it  during a trip to Vegas and bought the bar’s last bottle.  I was able to track down six bottles in San Francisco and had them shipped to us for his birthday.  We cracked one open a few nights ago and it’s lovely.  The remaining five bottles are living very happily in our refrigerator just waiting for the opportunity to delight on a special occasion (also known as a Saturday).


Brew at the Zoo? Don’t mind if I do!

23 Jul

Let me start by saying, I’ve never been to this event – however, I think it sounds awesome.  I am a big fan of combining two activities that would normally be pretty cool on their own.  Double the pleasure, double the fun.  I’m not saying I’m the biggest zoo fan (because I’m not), but since there is beer involved, I’m willing to give it a pass.  Apparently, many zoos across the country have a “Brew at the Zoo” day, turns out people really like rhymes.

So with that introduction – it’s about that time of year for the Brew in L.A. Zoo 2012.  There’s a handful of local breweries to sample and they have a DJ and Comedians from the Laugh Factory for entertainment.  They even have discounted tickets for designated drivers – which is fun perk for the nice guy/girl willing to drive their annoyingly drunken friends around.  It’s on Friday, August 10th from 6-10pm –  Click here for the info…


What did you say your name was?

21 Jul

Hello Stranger –

Ahhh…introductions.  So awkward, where do we start?

Let’s start by getting a drink.  That usually helps loosen things up a little bit.  So now that I have a beer and you have [whatever your drink of choice is] we can ease ourselves into this.

I wanted to start a blog simply because I have enjoyed so many other people’s blogs. Especially the ones that show daily pictures (about all my attention span can handle and a welcome escape from my work day), fun and interesting things to do (in LA and elsewhere) and any other general bullshit that would come up in random conversation.   I guess you could say I’m writing this for my parallel universe self – and damn does that girl love a good top ten list…

Now that three minutes have passed and since we have SO MUCH in common (we’ve made plans to go hiking, you’re going to email me the name of that jewelry-maker friend of yours and have been drunkenly expressing our new love for each other) we embrace, look into each others eyes and in a sea of laughter – we cheers to our new friendship!

Welcome and enjoy!!

Red Velour

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