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Operation: Rethink Happy Hour Hours

27 Jul

I didn’t create this image, but I surely approve of it

OK Team, let’s get together on this.  I think – again, I think (or, more accurately, I’d like to think) that Happy Hours started back in the day because people would get off work at 5pm and need to relax.  Let loose.  The day was hard, and they’d want to go out, not spend a lot of money and still be rewarded for their workday, if you will.  The issue I’m taking up here is the fact that most Happy Hours last from 4-6pm or 5-7pm.  Now, I don’t know about you, but in the world I’m living in, I GET OUT of work at 7pm, if I’m lucky!  There has clearly been a shift in regards to the standard work hours in the United States of America since the 1960’s, or whenever Happy Hours were first enacted.

Eh eh ahem…I hereby proclaim that the Happy Hours of America be adjusted to reflect the later working hours of our culture!  We need to rise up and boycott and hold court and occupy to fix the heinousness that is the behind the times “Happy Hour”.   And I’m not talking these late night Happy Hours; that’s a whole other animal altogether.  I’m talking – get out of work and go there sorts of establishments.

Fine, you want to get serious about it?  According to the internets (whose information I find suspect in general), the history of Happy Hours has nothing to do with the workday and everything to do with pre-dinner drinks.  Even if that’s accurate, the swing, the shift, the trend of Happy Hours has evolved into less of a pre-dinner-drinks thing into more of a let’s-go-out-and-get-shit-faced-after-work thing and by golly, I think it’s high time we start acting like it!

Who are the current Happy Hours really happy for, anyway?!  (Alright, they’re always happy.)  BUT, I maintain, that people who can go to them from 5-7pm, can ALSO go to them from 7-9pm!  Let’s make this a movement!  You want to play devil’s advocate?  Bars make money with Happy Hours being set at “off” times, you say?  They wouldn’t succumb to the new Happy Hour laws since 7-9pm is when people tend to go to bars anyway?  Hogwash!  People who are drinking from 7-9pm will likely still be there drinking from 9pm-12am!  Mark my words – Fill thy patrons with cheap alcohol and they will continue to imbibe!  We all want to play nice together so let’s give those hard workers a carrot as thanks for greasing the wheels of society with their long hours and hard work!

Operation:  Rethink Happy Hour Hours unite!!!!

…Here are just a few awesome bars in L.A. that are already hip to the cause:

Bigfoot Lounge (Culver City) – 5-9pm

R Bar (Koreatown) – 7-9pm

Thirsty Crow (Silverlake) – 5-8pm

Bar One (North Hollywood) – 6-9pm DAILY (nice touch Bar One).

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