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Our Mini Christmas Tree

11 Dec

I love Christmas trees; can’t be helped.  I also like when they are decorated in the typical clusterfuck / Christmas throw up fashion.  And by that I mean, no coordination, lots of ornaments, lots of lights, lots of tinsel, lots of everything Christmas related found, and affixed to a tree.

Since I wasn’t in LA for Christmas last year, my genius boyfriend got us a little place holder, a potted mini tree…perfect!  It’s nice for many reasons, one of those being, since it’s potted you can keep it alive and kicking until the next year!  You’ll never have to buy (and kill) another tree again!  Well, in theory anyway.  Ours only made it to August.  I blame my general lack of watering and care outside of the Christmas season to this sad fact.  However, this year, this year, things are going to be different.

My goal this year is to have our little tree, who I’m going to take a moment here and name Willie the Tree, make it until next year.  I promise to water you and give you the proper and recommended amount of shade.  To cuddle and read you a bed time story every night.  Hey, if you’re lucky, maybe I’ll get you a shiny new pot to reside in!  How does that sound, buddy?  I promise to do this for you…

And so now I raise my glass to you Willie – to health and good luck!


Challenge: Have a MINI Dance Party

23 Aug

Josephine Baker; Photo by Lucien Walery; pulled from Wikimedia Commons

Dance parties are always fun, always.  MINI-dance parties are even better.  They’re usually spontaneous and can happen anywhere at anytime.  These are safe zones.  No judgment can be passed – no one’s mellow can be harshed.  You are now free and able to contort your bodies into a variety of natural spasms and jerks.  You will have fun doing this, you will loosen up and you can stand tall knowing that you just improved your quality of life.

It doesn’t matter where you are; you can have one in a bar.  Or even better, in your car.  You can start one in the rain; you can start one on a train.  You can have one in a hotel tower; you can have one in the shower.  You can dance all by yourself or with tons of people on the twelfth (of whenever).  You can have them in a square, you can have them anywhere!  Oh snap, see that?  Dr. Seuss ain’t got nothing on me…(no disrespect Mr. Dr. Seuss, but I’m going to get a little fresh since we’re talking about dance parties.)  OK, I know I know I know, not my best rhyming, but look deeper into the kindergarten like rhymes and you’ll see my point.  They don’t need to take place somewhere specific!  This goes right along with the letting loose nature of dancing itself.  (My rhyming, much like my dancing style, clearly hasn’t graduated past elementary school.)

So what if I’ve been told semi-recently I dance like a 5th grader!?A bestowment which I now carry around with me like a medal of honor.  If you’re concerned about how cool you look while busting a move, you’re doing it wrong.  I tend to be partial to mini-dance parties that have an 80’s theme, but any genre of music will do.  Below are some songs that without fail insight immediate dancing happiness (I dare you not to jump, skip or flail around whilst listening to these.  If you don’t, we’ve got bigger problems)…

MODERN LOVE – David Bowie



LET’S GO CRAZY – Prince (song starts at :19)

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