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Grand Park Indeed

29 Jul

Yesterday some friends and I happened to be Downtown and we stumbled upon the newly opened, 12-acre Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles.  It’s greatest attraction, to me anyhow, being the huge water fountain and wading pool for both adults and kids (mostly kids) to splash around in.  Well, I’ll tell you something, whoever landed on that design is marvelous, simply marvelous (said in my best Billy Crystal)!  They also have a Performance Lawn, a Starbucks for those of you who can’t enter a park without your fix (and I have a strong feeling that won’t be the hardest drug sold in this park in future years) and a clear and sensational view of City Hall.

There were a slew of opening events, including many National Dance Day performances.  Anyone else out there that watches “So You Think You Can Dance” will have an understanding of what that is.  I missed any SYTYCD alums, but was lucky enough to catch the tween dancers dressed up with enough red lipstick to paint Madonna’s lips three lifetimes over.  We walked through and thoroughly enjoyed everything about the park and festivities.  With food trucks, pink benches and the aforementioned water fountain, this shiny new park is doing all the right things.

Who knew walking around in 2-inches of water in a public setting would be so enjoyable?  I felt like a little kid on a Slip and Slide – damn, I loved those things.  My two girlfriends and I held our own against the littluns with equivalent antics of jumping, dancing and general silliness while we played.   It’s amazing what a little bit of water on your feet will do for your sense of happiness.  It makes you wonder why it’s illegal to frolic in nearly all city fountains.  Well…Ok.  I get why it’s illegal, but this is just soooo much fun!  Especially if you’ve been drinking and traipsing around downtown prior to peeling of your socks and shoes!

There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the park’s opening and general existence.  For those of you who are poopooing it because you feel it’s acting as the new Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton in the homeless community – well aren’t you just the pessimist?!  Downtown has been on an epic journey to transform itself and I think this is flipping fantastic.

Pulled from grandpark.lacounty.gov

Before you go, I’d check out the park’s website, since some of the regions weren’t officially open yet.  Go check it out and you’ll be glad you did.

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