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What did you say your name was?

21 Jul

Hello Stranger –

Ahhh…introductions.  So awkward, where do we start?

Let’s start by getting a drink.  That usually helps loosen things up a little bit.  So now that I have a beer and you have [whatever your drink of choice is] we can ease ourselves into this.

I wanted to start a blog simply because I have enjoyed so many other people’s blogs. Especially the ones that show daily pictures (about all my attention span can handle and a welcome escape from my work day), fun and interesting things to do (in LA and elsewhere) and any other general bullshit that would come up in random conversation.   I guess you could say I’m writing this for my parallel universe self – and damn does that girl love a good top ten list…

Now that three minutes have passed and since we have SO MUCH in common (we’ve made plans to go hiking, you’re going to email me the name of that jewelry-maker friend of yours and have been drunkenly expressing our new love for each other) we embrace, look into each others eyes and in a sea of laughter – we cheers to our new friendship!

Welcome and enjoy!!

Red Velour

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